Mama’s Cooking Recipes

First learned to Cook was when I was in high school. At that time think a pot which measures only 30 centimetres and sodet, how susahlah? With a big fire plus salt and seasoning, Cook a vegetable can already served. The thing that seems easy, but when I do it like mama taught, it is difficult to be able to cook good food. Mama said: “there is actually no tricks, with frequent practice can make it!


Then, I continued my college out of town, because it loses the environment learn to cook. Although there are dormitory kitchenette to be with but always lining up and I’m also busy with activities so rarely Cook. A few days ago, I saw an article Internet < How can a delicious vegetable stir-frying and green > stir-frying methods mentioned in the article, it is very different to the one I know over the years. The author mentions while cooking to reduce churning out vegetable, just let the vegetables in the pot, so the vegetables can come into contact with the hot surface of the base of the crock, when flipping with a large spatula flipping at once, thus able to defence of natural sweetness of the vegetables.


Because as long as it maintains the old concept that is with a big fire quickly stir-frying vegetables, and when looking at these articles, curious to try. The next morning I had already become the first appeared in the kitchen of a dorm. When I try with slowly while flipping all over the vegetables, the discovery of the unexpected happens, the vegetables really feels natural sweet, so there is no need to add seasoning.


However, technically, although there is a little progress, but compared to the gastronomy of the mother, is still very far away. For a long period of time, I always eat out, even eating a vegetarian should also find a place for delicious food. Psychologically it always really missed home cooking. Taste the cuisine of mama is irreplaceable, not only expertise, but added the condition that without asking for a reply, and selfless dedication! On childhood family economy is not so good, mama worried my nutritional deficiencies, mama will add the spinach and cook a bowl of beef liver soup to me, at that moment the price is too expensive. Mama does not eat a mouthful, and just sit there with a smile to see me drinking a mouthful for the sake of a mouthful, he was already feeling very satisfied.


For this I use the shortest time to complete the meal, a rush thinking the job is not yet finished, or disambil see hp read the news or sosmed. Now I understand, apparently “the taste of home cooking” is so embedded in my heart, it contains the warmth of compassion and selfless sacrifice.


Diverse life, whether in terms of cooking, or doing a variety of jobs in the State and very busy, as long as it can release the liver from being pursued quiet time can do it, in fact you can feel actually do not have to spend a lot more time, then the harmony can be achieved.

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