What is organic food?

Vegetable and fruit products resulting from resep pancake durian organic farming environment, referred to as “organic food“. The meaning of the word “organicorganic food does not mean chemical composition on this type of food, but rather is an organic farming methods to produce these foods as well as subsequent processing.
organic food
In fact, organic farming originated from a reduction in the use of chemical fertilizer, pesticide pollution to the environment, and to save resep pastel goreng the environment ecosystems. Therefore organic food product also has other names such as “food ecosystems (eco food)“,green food (green food)“,natural food (natural food) and others. In the data agency FAO along with the WHO, have ensured that mentions as “organic foods (organic food)“.
The fundamental criteria for organic foods are set by the various countries, among others: derived from species that have not been genetically engineered; the production process should not use traditional pesticides, chemical fertilizers, human waste, somatomedin, feed additives and substances that are not natural; the product should not be processing through the ionization radiation, may not use food additives, plant the whole process completely follows the cycle of nature and ecological principles. Against the land result place the organic products, to do the planting different plants the rotation system to prevent pest attack.
The process of production and distribution of organic food have quality control and auditing systems are perfect, as well as having recorded the complete data concerning production and sales. Organic food must also qualify the feasibility test of independent agencies authorized by the State. While non-organic foods (food products that use of artificial additives and other chemical materials, namely natural food) is the product of beverage and food cans that use substances dyes, MSG, astringent, coagulant and others. The development of further includes livestock feed and pet, as well as different types of eggs.
Cover many countries criteria, select high-quality organic food
Now it’s all over the world there are 3 levels of international organic food category.
The first level is the second level of the UN, is an international NGO, the third level is the closest to the end user i.e. the State. Organic food and farming criteria on levels of State authority, concrete, and can be implemented. Currently in the midst of international transactions of food products and organic farming by the u.s., European Union and Japan have established a framework of levels.
4 levels of labelling on organic food products in the u.s.
The label “100% organic” is a completely organic food products, especially vegetables and fruits are affixed. The label “Organic is a product containing more than 95% organic elements. Products with both types of labels can be affixed with a label USDA Organic” which is a special organic food labels under the supervision of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). This type of “Made with organic ingredients are products containing 70% organic ingredients, while type “Containing organic ingredients are products that contain organic elements less than 70%, this type of product does not attach the label “organic”, but rather just list the ingredients and levels of organic material on the list.
Organic food standards Canada published by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), a product that may attach the label “Organic Food” is a product containing organic element achieved over 95%, to products made from organic materials that contain markedly less than 70% must not mention Organic Food”, and can only include the composition of the organic ingredients on the ingredient list.
Either in Canada or the u.s., Organic doesn’t have to be 100% organic, so the U.S. mass media often warn of “organic doesn’t mean 100% organic”. Besides knowing the standards of organic food, organic food products are the standard understanding of the State, and other areas, will be helpful in obtaining a high-quality organic products are imported.
According to the Dacian Ciolos, a member of the Commission on Agricultural Specialist Committee of the European Union, “the rules applied to this now cause a product labeled organic food of the European Union is not a hundred percent made of organic materials.” Therefore he plans to apply stricter criteria again to prevent counterfeiting, in the future the product in the European Union that acquires organic label should assure pesticide residues should not be higher than residue on baby food. Currently, imported organic foodstuffs in the European Union still applied 63 types of standards. But later in the day will be merged into one standard baku

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