Fried Ice Cream

fried ice cream
fried ice cream
Fried ice cream! Wow! Imagine how delicious. This recipe is very simple and you can prepare in your home.
Fried ice cream tastes so delicious that you can make it at home instead of going to the restaurant just to menukmati this dessert! resep rendang padang
4 Scoops (scoop ice cream) ice cream vanilla mixed fruit
1 cup Flake biscuits
1 cup corn flakes
3 TSP powdered chocolate
2 tsp corn flour
Cooking oil
How To Make:
Take four scoops vanilla ice cream mix the fruit.
Deep dish place the cocoa powder. Then take the ice cream and roll in cocoa powder. Freeze ice cream two to three hours.
In the small angkuk input 2 teaspoons cornstarch and add a little water to stir. (a mixture of half the liquid).
Take the ice cream out of the freezer and dip into batter cornmeal.
Now grab a plate and place the flaky biscuits or corn flakes. Then roll the ice cream in a flaky biscuits or corn flakes.
In a skillet heat oil. Input roll ice cream, resep soto daging  fried in oil until lightly brown.
Serve the Fried ice cream with hot chocolate or honey as a topping.

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